Safe & Sea

When innovation makes work easier, cuts costs and ensures safety

A marine world to build.

Introducing electronic assistance devices into underwater equipment is the mission of the young company Safe and Sea.
On land, it’s commonplace for us to overlook these assistants that make our daily lives easier in the car, at home, in the factory or on the street.
Underwater, why should diving technicians do without them, even though the environment and conditions in which they work are often perilous and uncomfortable?

A rapidly changing marine world

Climate simulations in the IPCC’s sixth report show that the violence of storms and cyclones is increasing as a result of climate change, with average intensity rising by 14%. Each cyclone destroys and sinks a large part of the yachting fleet in the disaster zone. The wrecks have to be refloated before being destroyed or repaired, depending on insurance appraisals.

In view of the growing awareness of environmental issues linked to water quality and the cost of supplying raw materials, the recycling of wrecks in beaching basins is set to become the norm for companies, local authorities and governments.

Wind Turbines on the Sea

With the offshore wind energy market growing by 16% a year, the need for subsea work is set to increase, for both infrastructure installation and maintenance.